Community News

The Town of Derby has switched from a Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) to a Development Review Board (DRB)and would like to thank all the former members of the ZBA (Joe Profera, Richard Del Favero, Judy Nommik, Paul Prue, Sherry Aubin, and Stephen Mengel) for their many years of service to the Town.  The switch will allow the Planning Commission (PC) to concentrate on rewriting the Town Plan and keeping the Zoning Bylaw up to date.  The DRB will be responsible for Site Plan review of all commercial applications, variance requests, and appeals.  Former ZBA members Judy Nommik and Joe Profera, and former PC members Jim Bumps and Dave LaBelle switched to the DRB.  Timothy Bronson, Bob DeRoehn, and Adam Guyette fill in the rest of the seats on the 7 member DRB.  Cynthia Adams, Richard Creaser, and Bob DeRoehn were appointed to fill the vacant seats created on the Planning Commission.

The Stump Dump is now CLOSED for the season.

The Town of Derby would like to thank Mike Dumas for his many years on our road crew and hope he enjoys retirement and Michaela Davis for her work at the recycling center and wish her the best at college.  We would also like to welcome aboard Robert Letourneau to the road crew and Keith Dennis to the recycling crew.

Derby’s Tax Maps are now available online.  Click Here

On January 6, 2017 a new ordinance “Regulating the Disposal of Refuse” went into affect.  To view the ordinance click here