Planning & Zoning Department

Minutes & Agendas
Planning Documents (Bylaws, Town Plan, etc…)

 Bob Kelley – Zoning Administrator
124 Main Street, Derby VT 05829
Phone: (802) 766-2017        Fax: (802) 766-2410
 Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 7 am – 5 pm (Closed on Friday)

The Zoning Administrator is appointed by the Derby Selectboard for a 3 year term.  The current appointment expires in 2017.

The Zoning Administrator is available to assist applicants with the permitting process, to coordinate the Town’s development review programs and to provide staff support for the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The Zoning Administrator shall literally administer and strictly enforce the provisions of the Town of Derby Zoning Bylaw, and in doing so shall inspect developments, maintain records, and perform other related tasks as is necessary and appropriate.

The Planning Commission is responsible for writing the Zoning Bylaw and the Town Plan.  They are also charged with Site Plan Review of all commercial applications.  The Zoning Board is responsible for Conditional Use Review and Appeals.

Planning Commission Contact Information
Joe Profera, Chair, PO Box 308, Derby, VT 05829, 766-5560
Jane Clark4032 Darling Hill Road, Newport, VT 05855, 487-9047
Jim Bumps, 576 Shattuck Hill Rd, Newport, VT 05855, 334-2804

Richard Del Favero, PO Box 472, Derby, VT 05829, 203-464-7165
Dave LaBelle, PO Box 528, Derby, VT 05829, 766-2791

 Zoning Board Contact Information
Joe Profera, Chair, PO Box 308, Derby, VT  05829, 766-5560
Richard Del Favero, PO Box 472, Derby, VT  05829, 203-464-7165
Norman Gaboriault, 129 Ashman Dr., Newport, VT  05855, 766-8852
Judy Nommik, 141 Lawson Rd., Newport, VT  05855, 766-2915
Paul Prue, 3376 Hinman Settler Rd, Newport VT 05855, 334-6801
Sherry Aubin (Alternate), PO Box 538, Derby, VT 05829, 766-2644
Stephen Mengel (Alternate), PO Box 781, Derby, VT 05829, 274-2171