Town Audits
2022 Town Audit (Telling & Hillman, P.C.)
2021 Town Audit (Telling & Hillman, P.C.)
2020 Town Audit (Telling & Hillman, P.C.)
2019 Town Audit (Telling & Hillman, P.C.)
2018 Town Audit (Telling & Hillman, P.C.)
2017 Town Audit (Gene A. Besaw & Associates, P.C.)

Annual Town Reports
Derby Town Report 2023
Derby Town Report 2022
Derby Town Report 2021

Derby Town Report 2020
Derby Town Report 2019
Derby Town Report 2018
Derby Town Report 2017
Derby Town Report 2016

Derby Town Report 2015
Derby Town Report 2014
Derby Town Report 2013

Planning & Zoning
2023 07 24 Derby Zoning Bylaw
2020 Derby Town Plan

Proposed Bylaw Amendments
None Pending

Town Plan Archives
2014 Derby Town Plan
2009 Derby Town Plan
2002 Derby Town Plan

Property Town Wide Reappraisals
2020 Town Wide Reappraisal

Highway Department
Derby Town Road & Bridge Standards

Ordinance Regulating the Disposal of Refuse
Derby Traffic Ordinance
Ordinance Regulating the Keeping & Control of Dogs & Wolf Hybrids
Ordinance Regulating All Terrain Vehicles

Emergency Plans
2024 Derby Local Emergency Management Plan
2021 Derby All-Hazards Mitigation Plan

Accounting Auditing and Reporting Policy
Appropriations Policy
Balanced Budget Policy

Cash Receipts Petty Cash Returned Check Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Deposit Policy

Driveway Culvert Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy for CMV Operators

Fraud Prevention Policy
Investment Policy
Lunch Policy for Town Clerk’s Office
Municipal Building Use Policy
Payment Authorization Policy
Personnel Policy
Public Records Request Policy
Purchasing Policy

Smoking Tobacco Policy
Trustees for Public Funds Investment Policy
Winter Maintenance Plan & Policy

Inter-Municipal Agreements
Town of Derby, Derby Line Fire Department and Town of Holland

Selectboard Resolutions
Resolution for the Defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Resolution Supporting Municipal Authority in a Commercial Cannabis System
Resolution All Cities, Towns and Villages in Vermont are Essential, and Vermont Local Officials Support Fair and Direct Federal Emergency Aid to Repoen and Rebuild Local American Economies
Resolution: Formation of a Local Cannabis Control Commission
2024 Resolution for Annual Appointment of a Representative to the NEK Broadband Governing Board