Request for Proposals

Town of Derby
Beach House Roof Replacement
480 4H Road Derby, VT

The Town of Derby is looking for proposals that will include the following:

  • Removing the existing shingles and disposal.
  • Install new triflex underlayment and new Ice and water shield so it comes inside of the building exterior walls by 2’.
  • Install new 29 gage metal roofing (Evergreen color) screwed to existing plywood.
  • Roof Panel can be the following or similar manufactures that meet the following:

29 Gauge MasterRib PTD Galvalume roof panel
Extra wide ribs 3/4 inch high for increased strength
Panel has a 36 inch wide coverage
Oversized anti-siphoning channel for extra leak resistance
Exposed fastener design
Meets standards for UL 2218 impact resistance

The building is 30 ft by 48 ft and the roof has a 6/12 pitch with a 2 ft overhang on all sides.  Any questions should be directed to Bob Kelley, 802-766-2017,

Please submit your proposal and manufactures information on or before 5:00 PM, Monday September 18, 2023 to: Town of Derby, 124 Main Street, Derby, VT 05829.